Reopening policy starting 06.19.20

The following are our reopening policies post government shutdown while we did our part to flatten the curve on the global pandemic for the past 95 days remaining closed, starting on Friday, 06.19.20 and running through the next two weeks at minimum, Friday,  07.03.20. Our schedule for this time is listed here.

First off, you have most likely seen these anywhere you went out, but they are worth repeating the CDC guidelines: 1)if you are sick or feeling ill, stay home, 2)wash your hands frequently, 3)do not come to class if you have been exposed to a person who tested positive for COVID-19 until 14 days post exposure or unless you received a test after exposure and were negative.

Next, two things, the common denominator to our indoor classes are our coaches.  The coaches who will be in front of you have been tested for COVID-19 and tested negative (they do NOT have it).  Our coaches will be given touchless thermometer readings, and if they are above 100.7 they will not be allowed to coach that day.  Our coaches will be wearing facemasks/coverings while in front of you during class times.

Now that we have that out of the way, what will your day in class look like for the next two weeks?

1)Our classes will have a limit of 8 members per class.

2)You can sign up for classes 24 hours in advance of class.

3)You should remain outside the building or in your car until 5 minutes before class, at 5 minutes til class we will open the front door which leads to the office.  You must be wearing a facemask or covering to enter the building.  Upon entering, you will pass by hand sanitizer which should be used by you.

4)After you use the hand santizer you can follow the markings on the floor to make your way to a 10ft. x 12ft.  rectangle.  Bring all your belongings into the square with you (gym bag, shoes, water, towel, etc.  Once you are inside your 10 x 12 rectangle, if you feel comfortable, you may remove your face covering.  If you need to leave your 10 x 12 space for any extra equipment or restroom breaks, you must put your mask back on.

5)As class ends, please sanitize your equipment with the disinfectant provided in your space.  Then gather your belongings and exit out the side door (not the office door).

In between class times, we will be taking the listed 15 minutes to make sure high traffic areas and equipment is cleaned and santitized.

We cannot wait to see you!


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