About Us

Our fitness philosophy here at Southern Maryland Strength & Conditioning is :

1)get stronger

We started as a strength biased CrossFit affiliate in 2008 before ending our affiliation with CrossFit in 2020.  We always run strength programming first, and conditioning second. We draw on the time tested movements that have produced the strongest people on the planet.  These powerlifting movements of squat, bench, and deadlift mimic daily life and will make you a stronger person as well, making you no longer fear physical chores.  We believe that strength + short(er) met-con = best results.

Our met-cons are purposefully programmed (90% of the time) to be under 15 min. or less.  Occassionally we get into the 20-25 min. range, and almost only in team workouts will you do something longer than 30 min.  Plus, you are not a regionals or games athlete, so you lose the intensity functional fitness is all about around minute 18.

2)learn Olympic-style weightlifting

Snatch and clean & jerk, and the power variations of these lifts or complexes of these lifts have the best transfer-ability to getting better at functional fitness and other sports.  If you do not do these you are losing out on athletic development.  You know things like accuracy, balance, and coordination can be learned as an adult right?

3)live in couplets and triplets

Metabolic conditioning composed to two exercises and three exercises are our bread and butter (or whatever the Paleo equivalent of that is).  We do often program chippers because local competitions/regionals will ALWAYS have a brutal chipper at some point.


One comment on “About Us

  1. David Marmon says:

    I think we are brothers from another mother. Awesome blog, bro!

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