“A second approach to mythmaking is an antithetical strategy.  Here the present is seen as good, but the past is seen as bad.  The contrast between the two may provide the story with its characteristic tension and movement.  The proverbial rags to riches story is a favorite in American folklore, celebrating the belief that a man or woman can rise from humble beginnings in childhood to become a great leader, scientist, doctor, entrepreneur, or whatever.”-Dan McAdams, The Stories We Live By.


1.10 min. coach led mobility

2.front squat 5 x 5 @ 85% of heaviest 5 done last Thursday in 15 min.

every 3 min. for 18 min. perform:

-5-10 toes to bar

-15 kettlebell swings #53m #35f

-20 air squat

rest the remainder of the 3 min. each round

Performance & Sport

1.squat 3 x 10 @ 85% + ________lbs.* in 25 min.

*if this percentage was easy last time, add 10-20lbs

if this percentage was tough, but doable, add 5-10lbs

if this percentage was uncompleted, do not add weight

alternating EMOM for 18 min. of:

-max UB bar muscle ups

-max UB handstand pushups

-max UB double unders

post total completed rounds/total available rounds or total reps to comments


Moar air squats.


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