“Any weight you make is better than any weight you miss.”-Greg Everett.


1.power snatch work to a 1RM in 15 min.

*compare to 06.14.19

2.power clean work to a 1RM in 15 min.

*compare to 06.12.19

12-9-6 reps for time of:

-toes to bar

-cal. r/b/s/r

Performance & Sport

1.snatch work to a 1RM in 15 min.

*compare to 06.14.19

2.clean & jerk work to a 1RM in 15 min.

*compare to 06.12.19

every 3 min. for 12 min. perform:

-50 double unders

-max unbroken HSPU

rest the remainder of the 3 min. in each round

*score is total HSPU

post loads and times or reps to comments



“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking your potential.”-Liane Cardes.


1.power clean 1RM in 18 min.

*compare to 01.15.19

for time:

-row 1000m

Performance & Sport

1.clean & jerk 1RM in 18 min.

*compare to 07.03.18

for time:

-75m/60f cal. on bike

Sample Met-con programming for Open Gym:

1.alternating EMOM for 12 min. of:

-5 burpee box jump overs “24m “20f

-12m/8f cal. on bike

2.run 45 cal.

post loads and times to comments


Stand it up!


We are focused on the long term development of you, our athletes here at Southern Maryland CrossFit.  We do not promise any quick fixes.  We ever say it never gets any easier, you just get better.

We plan to take care of you and improve your fitness year after year.  Over our ten years in business we have one ten year athlete, three eight year athletes, one seven year athlete, seven five year athletes, four four year athletes, four three year athletes, eight two year athletes, and eight athletes who have been with us at least one year.  We want to take a moment this week to thank the following active athletes who have been here with us for at least one year:









Sport & Performance

1.find a clean & jerk 1RM in 15 min.

*compare to 05.16.18

for time:

-run 1 mile

-row 1k

**compare to 03.31.18


1.find a power clean 1RM in 15 min.

*compare to 05.16.18


for time:

-150 wall ball #20m #14f

**compare to 05.16.18