Supply Chain Special ’22

We have a great offer for you to get on track with you 2022 resolutions or goals. You can now get access to something that is unaffected by rising inflation or global supply chain issues; your health. If you have been looking to get in shape and take back your health, now is the time and we can help. If you are looking to lose some weight or bodyfat, get leaner or stronger, look better naked, are looking to have more energy for loved ones; you can and should take advantage of this special now.

Our Supply Chain special will start on Monday, January 10, 2022. This special is 10 functional fitness classes over the course of two consecutive weeks from the date of signup. This special is only $90, which is $10 per class.

You can start anytime you wish, you do not need any experience in fitness, only a desire for self improvement via fitness. If you want to feel better and start looking better naked, we can help you! Click here to sign up today and you can start that same day!

You can read about our COVID-19 safety protocols here.

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