Beat The Heat ’21 Special

Starting Friday, July 16, 2021 we have a great special for you to start with us. This special is 20% off our regular monthly membership rate. Also, you can get $25 off your following month’s dues just by being consistent. If you complete 12 classes over the course of the month, you get rewarded just for showing up.

If the pandemic made you realize that you need to start prioritizing your health, we are the place for you. We will meet you where your fitness currently is. We are one of the most experienced fitness gyms in the area, starting in 2008; and many of our staff have been in the fitness field since 2003. This gives us the great advantage to help you reach your goals while still being a regular adult. That’s right, you don’t have to “get in shape” before you come and see us. We have been working with regular humans and helping them reach their goals regardless of age, sex, body type, ability level, gym experience, and past injury history.

So how do you start? Sign up here for only $155 for 26 functional fitness classes over your first calendar month. We get an email stating you have signed up and paid. Then sign up for whatever class time fits your schedule best for that day here or download the Zenplanner app to your phone and sign up for classes that way.

As you join us along your fitness journey, if you complete just 12 of your potential 26 classes to attend, you will get $25 off your next month’s dues. You can take advantage of the guidance, results, and transformation through fitness that we offer here at Southern Maryland Strength & Conditioning.  You will get the guidance you deserve for 30 consecutive days with us, through every small group workout, and through nutrition outside of the gym as well.  We believe that if you are consistent over those four weeks, that you will start to get the results that have been eluding you.  Those results come mainly in the form of looking better naked, which is why most people walk through our doors, but also in the form of evidence based numbers in the form of your performance.

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