Updated COVID-19 Safety

“If it’s endurable, then endure it.  Stop complaining.”-Marcus Aurelius.

Our reopening procedures for June 19, 2020 can be found here.  Listed below our updated daily procedures starting Monday, March 14, 2021 until further notice.  Hogan has lifted gym limits, but we still must be socially distanced and still wear masks.  With the occupancy limits lifted we are adding more spots and now have 12 per class.

You must signup for classes to be admitted to the gym via computer or the Zenplanner app (available on Android & iPhones, using your email and password that you signed up with).  If you are not signed up for a class, you will NOT be admitted, yes even if there are spaces available.  All class times open up 24 hours in advance of that class, and close 1 hour before that class time.

Per Governor Hogan’s most recent mandate all people must wear masks/face coverings/face shields while indoors.  After speaking to the Charles County Health Department and the Charles Country Sheriff’s Office this does include gyms.  Yes even small gyms.  Yes our gym.  Yes you the members of our gym.

Now, before we hurl ourselves headlong into a feverishly heated debate (or argument depending on the civility of the person or people you are around) about the effectiveness of masks; which masks are effective; the back and forth starting around mid-March about who should and shouldn’t wear masks from top experts; conspiracy theories; and the clear hypocrisy that some or certain government members are exempt from local, state, and national mandates and or guidelines; let me say this:

Yes they are mostly uncomfortable.  Yes it is less than ideal to wear a mask for an hour.  Yes it is less than ideal to workout with a mask on.  Yes it is harder to breath than without a mask on.  Yes if you workout you most likely have a better chance of not catching COVID-19.  Yes if you workout you are more likely than someone with multiple co-morbidities to recover faster and fully if you catch COVID-19.

But, I can not pretend to fully know everyone’s living situation.  We have the following possible situations: Elderly parents who live with members, pregnant women who live with members, family members with auto-immune diseases who live with members, family members with weakened immune systems who live with members, and family members more at risk due to co-morbidity who live with members.  Because of this, and because I would rather all of us wear a mask inside and be able to workout, than us be shutdown again and we not allowed to let you in to workout at all (which you feel like is on the tip of Overlord Governor Hogan’s tongue).  So please, be prepared to sport your mask for the duration of 60 minutes (or less) during class.

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