“Hate the sin.  Love the sinner.”-Muhatma Gandi.

Day 62 shutdown.  What a range of emotions over the past 62 days.  How is your mental health?  Mine has been like a pinball game, bouncing here and there from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, week to week, and month to month.  If anyone needs to talk, please reach out.  Everyone is under stress, whether emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, or financial; these are borderline unprecedented times, and we should be there for each other.  I have been angry, sad, happy, hopeful, fearful, lashed out, pulled back, apologized, stood up for myself, backed off, been enraged, been optimistic, and a rainbow of other emotions everywhere in between.  So please, be kind, love one another, and respect each others points of view; many of us will need each other when this is all over.

Aerobic Development Day

-with a heart rate below 155bpm, run, row, bike, or ski max distance in 40 min.


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