“Zen teacher Lewis Richmond tells the story of hearing Shunryu Suzuki sum up Buddhism in two words.  Suzuki had just finished giving a talk to a group of Zen students when someone in the audience said, ‘You’ve been talking about Buddhism for nearly an hour, and I haven’t been able to understand a thing you said.  Could you say one thing about Buddhism I can understand?’ After the laughter died down, Suzuki replied calmly, ‘Everything changes.’ Those words, Suzuki said, contain the basic truth of existence: Everything is always in flux.  Until you accept this, you won’t be able to find true equanimity.”-Phil Jackson, 11 Rings.

Day 17 shutdown.  For those lucky few with a home gym, how is this bizarre test week treating you?  For those of you just keeping moving, we applaud you.  We started with minimal equipment ourselves in late 2006-07 when we were introduced to CrossFit.  So we do understand the struggle, and we are working on keeping you engaged and being as creative as possible.  If you need ideas, reach out!

COVID-19 at home

AMRAP in 10 min.

-100ft shuttle run (50ft. down, 50 ft. back)

-25 dumbbell or kettlebell (or paint can) swings

-15 plyo pushups (be as explosive as possible)

Fitness, Performance, & Sport

1.front squat 1RM in 25 min.

*compare to 12.21.19

AMRAP in 10 min. of:

-100ft. shuttle run (50ft. down, 50 ft. back)

-25 kettlebell swings #53m #35f

-15 plyo-pushups


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