“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.”-Martin Luther King Jr.

Day 6 shutdown.  We have been posting several questions daily on our Southern Maryland CrossFit members page.  This week our questions have included:

1)Post two bingeworthy shows currently on Netflix you would recommend.

2)Post two books under 200 pages or 6 hours on audio that you would recommend.

3)Post your favorite sports movie.

4)Post two books of any length you think everyone should ready during their life.

5)Post any style documentary/docuseries that you would recommend.

6)Post your favorite childhood cartoon.

We have long believed in the power of human connection, and as coaches and business owners; we hope you have always felt this connection to and with us, as well as to and with your classmates.  The mind and the body have an innate connection between each other, and that connection is balanced by the spirit.  We post questions like this in this time of social distancing and uncertainty.  Once we are on the other side of this thing, not only will the world still need physically strong people, but mentally strong people.  It is smart to watch, monitor, and look at what is happening with the progress of “flattening the curve,” but binge watching the negative news can have a terrible effect on your mental state, and with so many people forced out of work, and most likely more to follow suit; take advantage of the happiness that still abounds all around you.  We all must reexamine our world, and be the change we wish to see in it.

Our equipment check out will start tomorrow.  We appreciate and are humbled by the support of our members, and for that support we are doing what we can to service you while the government bars us from opening our doors.  Any of those members who plan to lend us your support through the month of April should join the Southern Maryland CrossFit Equipment Library Facebook group and look for those details in that group.  We plan on also setting up many things you can do with the equipment you plan on checking out.

Mental health day

-spend 60-90 minutes of mental activity, reading, journaling, or playing strategy board games with family


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