New Year New You Special

Starting Thursday, January 2, 2020 we have a great opportunity for you.  You can take advantage of the guidance, results, and transformation through fitness that we offer here at Southern Maryland CrossFit.

You will get the guidance you deserve for 30 consecutive days with us, through every small group CrossFit workout, and through nutrition outside of the gym as well.  We believe that if you are consistent over those 30 days, that you will get the results that have been eluding you.  Those results come mainly in the form of looking better naked, which is why most people walk through our doors, but also in the form of evidence based numbers in the form of your performance.

Once you start to see those results, you will gain the confidence that comes from results and you can transform into a better version of yourself.  You can be a better spouse or significant other, a better brother or sister, a better parent, a better employee or boss, a better student.


So how do you get all that? Sign up for our New Year New You Special which is 30 consecutive days of unlimited training for $100.00.  Next, be consistent, if you show up for 12 group CrossFit classes during that time (an average of 3 times per week out of the 6 days per week we are open) and get some money back.  If you complete the 12 group classes within the 30 days we will give you $25.00 in form of a credit towards your next months dues.  What are you waiting for?  Act now and join today, once the winter chill starts to wane and spring starts to bloom, this deal will be gone.  You can start this special and it’s 30 consecutive days with us at any time from Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020 until Friday, March 20, 2020.  You can sign up for this special here.  

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