Fall Into Fitness Special

We have a great deal for you.  This is a great deal on two fronts.  First, you can get 6 weeks of unlimited training with us for $125.00.  Second, get the results you want and get your money back!

That’s right.  Be consistent and train with us for six weeks, learn proper nutrition to help meet your goals, meet goals set forth in this challenge and get that money you put down back!*

This challenge is not a short cut.  We know you have heard all about the quick fix before.  We are not offering that.  We are offering you the guidance and accountability that has been eluding you; whether you have tried things on your own or missed hitting those goals in a traditional gym.

The first part of this challenge is to show up to train on average 3 times per week for six weeks.  You are paying for unlimited training, and we are open 6 days per week.  If you show up three of those six days, for six consecutive weeks, you will have met the first part of this challenge.


Next, you get free nutritional information with us.  This is a great value and will set you up for real world success moving forward.  After we go over the nutritional plan that fits your life, we will give you a food journal to fill out that will give you a better idea of how you eat.  The next step is simply turning in your completed food journal each week for six consecutive weeks.


Last, get the results you want.  With our guidance during CrossFit group classes and your newfound nutritional knowledge, combined with the support of your coaches and fellow classmates you can have the results that have eluded you in the past to transform yourself into a better version of yourself. If you lose 10lbs. or change your body composition by losing 5% bodyfat, you will get your money back!*

You have two options for this:

1)Sign up for this special and challenge here, right now.

2)Make a new member consultation with us though this link, and meet with us face to face to talk about the special.

The choice is yours, we hope to see you soon so we can give you the guidance, results, and transformation you are looking for!



*Terms and conditions.  Three things must be met to earn your $125.00 credit.  First, you must attend a minimum of three classes per week for six consecutive weeks (18 total sessions) and have a coach sign your attendance sheet at the end of each training session.  Second, you must turn in 5 weeks of food journals (one each week for 5 weeks).  Third, you must get weighed within one week of signup, and lose 10lbs. or 5% bodyfat by the end of the six weeks from the signup date.  Money back will be in the form of $125.00 credit towards your next month’s dues at Southern Maryland CrossFit.  This credit is non-transferable to anyone else, and must be used to the month following the end of the six weeks.  Actual refund via cash, check, or reversal of transaction to credit/debit card is not part of this challenge.

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