“I call the characters that come to dominate our life stories imagoes.  Our life stories may have one dominant imago or many.”-Dan McAdams, The Stories We Live By.

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1.10 min. coach led mobility

2.front squat 3 x 3 @ 90% of heavy 3 last Thursday in 15 min.

for time:

-400m run

-30 cal. row/bike/ski/run

-20 double unders

*compare to 08.09.19

Performance & Sport

Smalov Jr. 12/12

1.squat 3 x 10 @ 85% +______ lbs.

*if this percentage was easy last time, add 10-20lbs

if this percentage was tough, but doable, add 5-10lbs

if this percentage was uncompleted, do not add weight

for time:

-400m run

-30 burpees

-20 bar muscle ups

*compare to 08.09.19


Enjoy running outside while we can, soon all the doors will be shut!


Two Opens!

Oct. ’19 Class Cancellations & Events


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