Two Opens! (Or why you should register for the second 2019 CFG Open)

Registration for the 2019 CrossFit Games Open is now live.  And we want you to sign up.  Why you ask?  Let us rattle off several reasons.  But first, lets go over what the Open is.

The CrossFit Games Open is the first stage in getting to the CrossFit Games.  The Open started in 2011 when Coach Glassman said if we want to find the Fittest on Earth, we have to have the biggest test pool.  So each year, the number of people registered for the Open has gotten bigger and bigger.  In 2011, there were 8,700 registered men worldwide; in 2017, there were 12,500 registered men in the Mid-Atlantic region alone.  More than 300,000 people were registered worldwide this past year.  Pretty big testing pool.

The Open is currently 5 consecutive weeks where one workout will be released each week (on Thusday night at 8pm EST) and you will have until Monday night at 8pm EST to submit your score.  Everyone in the world who is registered will have two options each week, Rx or scaled to complete the workout.  YOU alone get to decide each week which you should do.  If something is totally, 100% out of your skill, strength, or mobility set, you may elect to do the workout scaled.

However, you may also choose to do the workout Rx.  This is oftentimes where magic happen.  We have seen athletes perform a movement for the first time, and feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment at doing this.  We have witnessed first time muscle ups, bar muscle ups, handstand pushups, chest to bar pullups, pullups, toes to bar, double unders, and weights hit at or above listed PRs!

The workouts are done at a local affiliate, and if you train with us, clearly at this one.  We setup several times for you to do the workout.  We will have Friday night lights again this year, so on Friday nights from 5:30pm-7:30pm we will provide judges and heats to run you through this.  We will try to get the bulk of those registered for the Open done this day.  However, if this day does not work for your schedule, we will also have Saturday or Monday for you to do the workout (after you have advised a coach Friday will not work for you.)  And after FNL, we all hang out for an hour or so right near the box at Blue Dyer Tavern and enjoy a drink and some food.

So, now that you know what it is, and how it is run; why should you sign up?  Yes you, the person who is on the fence.

1)You know who has never competed or won ANYTHING? The person who never signed up for anything.  You have to actually sign up for a recreational league before you can be an All-Star, even for tee ball.  You have to actually try out for teams in high school to make a junior varsity or varsity team.  You can also never win if you never sign up.  Now, the title of Fittest On Earth is pretty likely never going to be anyone currently attending this box in October of 2019.  But, that should not stop you from getting comfortable with uncomfortable.

2)Now, just because you are not top 125 in your region, which is top 1% in the old Mid-Atlantic region does NOT mean you shouldn’t sign up.  Just the opposite is true.  We expect you to be a part of the rest of us normies, the other 99% of humans.  Because the 99% of us are on the struggle bus each week.  And the struggle breeds greatness.  Suffering together builds community, this is one of the core concepts of CrossFit.  Telling stories over a beer about the worst ever Open workout you did is a time honored tradition in CrossFit, almost as much so as the first CrossFit workout you ever did.

3)My favorite thing growing up was pickup basketball.  2 on 2, 3 on 3, half court, 4 on 4, 5 on 5, or full court.  Now, to play pickup basketball, you must go to where a hoop is.   Next, there will likely be people already playing where the hoop and basketball surface is, whether it be dirt, blacktop, or hardwood.  Look around and see if many people are on the sidelines that look like they are waiting.  Ask a few people “Who has next?”  This means you want to play, there is ZERO prerequisite for this.

ZERO.  Little kids play with teenagers, teenagers play with grown men.  Different positions, different skill sets, different heights.  Rebounders, shooters, dribblers, hackers, all play together in a game they enjoy.  Now, winning is fun, but the game itself is more fun.  And you often learn more nuances about the game on the blacktop than you will watching YouTube videos of the game or running drills by yourself.  

Then you wait your turn, and you and your team get play.  If you win, winner keeps and you stay on the court.  If you lose, find out who has next again, wait said turn, and play again.  Simple.  So, you got next?  Sign up today!


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