Fix Your Food Nutrition Challenge

On Saturday, Dec. 8th, 2018 we will be starting a new nutritional “challenge.”  Challenge is in quotations because this is not a quick fix, nor do we want it to stop after the six weeks for which the challenge will run.  We have been having good success with our nutritional coaching and we want to open that success up to more people in the box.

This will run for 6 weeks from the start on Dec. 8th-Jan. 19th.  The cost of this challenge is $30.  What you will be getting for this is several things.  First, a diet that fits your lifestyle.  We want your diet to become a lifestyle change, but for that to happen, it needs to fit into your real world life.  So if you are a carboholic, trying to adopt a hardcore Paleo is not necessarily the best choice for you.

We will have you read several real world descriptions of adults who may or may not have tried dieting in the past, and then based on those descriptions, you will pick the one that most closely resembles you.  You will get a grocery list, and we will set both caloric and macronutrient guidelines to help guide you.

You will get a food log to fill out, which will then get “graded” with ways to improve your diet each week so you can look better naked.  We will also give you coping strategies to avoid the pitfalls which are often found in holiday social situations and social situations in general.  We normally charge $50 per month for this type of nutritional coaching, but you can get it for six weeks for only $30, as well as the chance to win $50 off your monthly dues.

The winner of the challenge will be based on data.  We will get you weighted and take measurements from your chest, waist, and hips.  Again the winner will get $50 off their dues as well as going through the holidays and into 2019 looking better naked.

The main nutrition lecture will be on the day we start, Saturday, Dec. 8th, 2018 at 10:30am.  You will also receive a packet of all materials, and if you cannot make the lecture can setup a one on one with our coaches as well.

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