Dec. ’18 Class Cancellations

With the holidays approaching we wanted to give you a heads up what we have in store for December.  First, we are having our First Annual SMDCF Christmas Toy and Clothing Drive which you can read more in detail about here.  Second, we are having our 8th Annual Boxmas party on Sat. Dec. 8th, and you can read more about that on the SMDCF Members Facebook page.

The following class times are scheduled for cancellations or the box will be closed on the following days/time for December 2018.

-ONLY 9:30am class on Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018

-ONLY 11am class on Christmas Eve, Monday, 12.24.18

-CLOSED Christmas Day, Tuesday, 12.25.18

-CLOSED Wednesday, 12.26.18

-ONLY 11am class on New Years’ Eve, Monday, 12.31.18

-CLOSED New Years’ Day, Tuesday, 01.01.18


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