Drop-In Policy

Dear Drop-ins,

Welcome to Southern Maryland CrossFit.  As an out of town affiliate drop in, you must have a current CrossFit membership at an affiliate that is not this one and have been CrossFitting a minimum of 6 months.  Our drop-in fee is $20 per day.

We hope this post is totally unnecessary and you come from a gym where etiquette is practiced, and that you are used to organization as well as some basic rules at your gym.  Unfortunately; we have to have this very post because we have encountered many drop-ins who do not understand nor practice those things.

We know that all CrossFit gyms are run slightly differently, but while you are here with us, we expect you to follow our rules and go with the flow of our classes so you will not disrupt what our paying regular members are used too.  This starts by you arriving 15 min. prior to the start of the listed class time you plan on attending.  We have not seen you move before, so we will have you go through our classes with our Fitness level.  Everything in our Fitness level can be scaled down to meet your fitness needs, but please do not ask to scale UP to make something harder because you think it will be to easy for you.

Our coaches will guide you through the flow of class in sections before we get to the workout itself.  This will ensure that you are warm and that we have seen you move some so we can have an idea of whether or not you will need scaling.  This is NOT an opportunity to show off. This is also NOT an opportunity to play with or use equipment you do not have at your box.  Please follow what is listed on our whiteboard.  If you are strong, fit, and mobile; it will be clear to us.  If you are knowledgeable about the movements and some of their finer points, it will again be clear to us.  Please keep unsolicited feedback or coaching to our athletes to a minimum, even if you are a coach at your box or have a certification.  Our athletes have coaches already working with them that they pay, but feel free to give tips if you are asked for help.  We look forward to helping you keep up with your fitness while on vacation, visiting family, or while in the area for work if you can follow this basic gym etiquette.

We also want to point out that Open Gym & our kids corner is for our paying members only.  So please make other arrangements with family if you have children while visiting with us.

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