Additional Programs We Offer

Since people are so bad at reading, especially reading easily accessible information, we had to create this post.  First is a list of the programs, then below the list is a more information about each thing in the list.  After our regular CrossFit memberships, you can get these additional programs in addition to your regular membership:

-Child Add-On

-Individualized Supplemental Programming

-Individualized Stand Alone Programming

-Nutrition Session(s)

-Nutrition Coaching

Now that you can see each of these, lets go over what each one offers.

Child Add-On

If you are already a member of our gym, you can add your child if they fall in between the ages of 12-19 onto your account for an additional $50 per month.  If you have multiple children you wish to add, the second child addition is $35 per month, and any additional children are $20 per addition. Your child will be given access to the gym the same number of days as you are (either 3x per week or unlimited) and if the child is well behaved (can stay on task) they can come without you in attendance of the same class.  This program is ONLY for current members of our gym.

Individualized Supplemental Programming

This is our most popular additional program.  We have three separate disciplines to attack what you want to work on here.  Metcon, Powerlifting, or Weightlifting Each of these is a three month minimum commitment and is $30 per month.  If you want to work on any of these three, you are getting programming for our expert coaches to be done IN ADDITION to your regular CrossFit workouts.  Not to be done instead of.  Since we program what you do on the board whether or not you are in Fitness, Performance, or Sport, we know the volume of work you are already doing, and give you the option to better yourself even more with this program.

Metcon is short for metabolic conditioning.  This is endurance based supplemental programming to help you build a better engine.  If you are extremely lacking in aerobic capacity, this could be the pick for you.  If you want to prepare yourself for an upcoming race, this could be the pick for you.  If you need to be further prepare for an upcoming PT test for the military/police/firefighter/EMS or are looking to further your endurance in for a promotion (SWAT/special forces) this is the program for you.

Powerlifting is the judged competitive strength sport of squat, bench, & deadlift.  But, our powerlifting supplemental program can better be thought of as powerbuilding.  A combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding.  This will use bodybuilding style “non-functional” movements to isolate your weaker muscles to help you gain more functional fitness strength.  This will also add the often sought after “beach muscles” for men or “bikini body” for the ladies.  If weakness is your weakness then this is the pick for you.  If you feel that your lifts have stalled, adding in this extra hypertrophy work could be the breakthrough program for you.  We (Iron Crab Barbell) are the only USA Powerlifting team in the region (and one of only seven in Maryland), and our the head coach of that team will be programming for you.

Weightlifting is the judged competitive strength sport of snatch and clean & jerk.  Our weightlifting supplemental program is designed to make those movements easier for you and to drive up your rep maxes on those lifts and their power variations.  There are a myriad of drills and complexes that can be done in this program to fix your weaknesses on the lifts.  If you are weaker from the floor, from any hang position, if you are weaker on the full lifts than the power variations of the lifts, this is the program for you.   We (Iron Crab Barbell) are one of only two USA Weightlifting teams in the tri-county area, and our head coach of that team will be programming for you.

These supplemental programs will shore up the weakness you are looking to address.  All of these programs are tailored to your wants and needs.  You can choose any sub-discipline listed above from 2-4 additional days and will allow you to perform roughly an extra hour each day of volume.  You may perform your Individualized Supplemental Programming during ANY regular class time (however the class has priority) or during any Open Gym Time.  And as always, our coaches share a unified vision of how to improve your fitness, so this is a great compliment to your CrossFit workouts.

Individualized Stand Alone Programming

This is stand alone individualized strength and conditioning programming designed to take roughly 2 hours per day of 3-6 days per week.  This is for remote non-members of the gym or remote past members of the gym who are looking to continue their fitness with our quality programming but are not able to attend our physical location.   This includes those looking to join our Iron Crab Barbell Powerlifting or Weightlifting teams, or those wanting to get better are CrossFit in general.  Please contact a coach before signing up for this.

Nutrition Session(s)

This is a 30-60 minute session one on one with a coach guiding you more in depth about the in’s and out’s of real life nutrition that fits your current living situation and your current training level.  This is $20 for members and $40 for non-members.  After any of our members join we send out a nutrition primer for you to read over before signing up for this to give you an overview of three lifestyle changes with descriptions of what most sounds like your life to help you choose the diet that is in sync with you.  This 30-60 minute session is a followup to that primer and we set you up for success with a nutrition that will fuel your life and meet the changes you are chasing weight, aesthetic, and inches wise.  You cannot out train a bad diet, and just “eating clean” means you most likely have a bad diet.

Nutrition Coaching

Many people just need accountability.  Our nutrition coaching give you just that.  Much more in depth than our nutrition session, this is a three month committment with bi-weekly check-ins to go over your food journal and adjust your food intake to keep your nutrition on point.  This is $50 per month.  



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