Great work this weekend by your classmates and coaches in two separate competitions.  Jon & Shelly finished 4th in the 50+ division at the Mid-Atlantic Master’s Classic and Coach Amy & Terri finished 2nd I the 40-49 division at the Masters Of The DMV.

This week is a transitional week for you guys.  What that really means is that there will again be a “C” for you to get additional volume and skill work, and that you should mainly be working to “challenging” weights but no one should be missing lifts or need a spot on these.  We will be building for a while, not testing.  This next training block will not be as long as the past one, but you will be training through the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year before seeing another test week.

We will give you guidelines for where to start at via rough percentages next week, and if you have been with us a while (1 year or more) and have gone through several test weeks, look back through your training logs and find out where you started for sets of 10’s, 5 x 5’s, 5 x 3s, etc.  When we give you a guideline this time, try to start higher if you feel like your lifts have “hit a plateau.”

As an example, if you are a fairly consistent female, who has hit the same squat max at 205lbs the past 3 times during 1RM squat, and we give you a guide after the deload of 75-85% of 1RM for 5 x 5, and each time you start at exactly 80% at 165 for your 5 x 5 sets, start at a higher percentage to push yourself.

Sport & Performance

1.squat 65% 10 x 3 in 15 min.

2a.every 90 seconds 5-5-5-5 ground to overhead anyway (not UB) build to a heavy 5

2b.every 90 seconds 25 double unders x 4

with a constantly running clock set for 15 min. perform:

-3 min. max cal. on bike

-3 min. max reps bar muscle ups

-3 min. max cal. on rower

-3 min. max reps handstand pushups

-3 min. max reps wall ball #20m #14f


1.squat 10-10-10-10-10 work to a challenging set of 10 in 15 min.

with a constantly running clock set for 15 min perform:

-3 min. max reps toes to bar

-3 min. max reps double unders

-3 min. max reps pullups

-3 min. max reps burpee box jump overs “24m “20f

-3 min. max reps toes to bar

post total reps to comments

More podium spots. Coach Amy and Terri ending up 2nd at Masters of the DMV.



6 comments on “10.23.17

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  4. […] -2 min. 70% bike pace from 10.23.17 […]

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