Good luck today Jon & Shelly at the Mid-Atlantic Master’s Classic and Coach Amy & Terri at the Masters Of The DMV!  Check out the addresses for each competition listed below the workouts!  Feel free to come out and support your classmates and coaches today!

Sport & Performance

1.deadlift 30% x 10, 40% x 10, 50% x 10, 60% x 10 of 1RM on 10.09.17

for time:

-600m run

-50 kettlebell swings #53m #35f

-400m run

-35 pullups

-200m run

-20 ring dips


1.front squat 30% x 10, 40% x 10, 50% x 10, 60% x 10 of 3RM on 10.13.17

for time:

-600m run

-50 situps

-400m run

-35 wall ball #20m #14f

-200m run

-20 hand release pushups

post times to comments

Big deadlifts = bigger percentages. Rob knows this is science.

Mid-Atlantic Master’s Classic is being held from 7am-4pm at:

CrossFit Everlasting

1305 Governor ct Suite C

Abingdon, Maryland 21009

Master’s Of The DMV is being held from 8:30am-5pm at:

CrossFit Kingstowne



Check out scoring here

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