Active rest day

spend 60 minutes of physical activity with friends or family

Okay squad, next week is the start of this cycles test week.  What the hell is test week? It is where we test to see how much work you have put in to get better over these past 15 weeks.  That is correct, your last test week was June 19, 2017.  We will be testing some of our strength movements in “B”, and some as the actual “workout” for that day.  All of you should be hyped because you have shown much improvement since then, and many of you started on the Summer Special that first test week and just found “a challenging single or double” and have long since passed those numbers up.  All the tests are important, however, there are no makeup days for this (since several people ask every test week) until the next test week which is a ways after this week.  Normally the only time you could make these up would be during Open Gym, but since several ladies got so strong they qualified for Raw Nationals and they need coaches at giant national meets, we will only have Open Gym on Monday (and some other days are limited.)  So my advice to you is come in on the days that you want to know your max for.  Get a sitter, take off work early, cancel your parent-teacher meeting, whatever, come in and get it done.

Two twin newborn daughters can’t stop Chuck from getting gains on a limited lifting schedule.

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