Reminders: Summer Special is ending August 9, 2017.  It will not be offered after we close on Wednesday.  So strike while you have the chance if you are still interested in 60 consecutive days of training for $150.00.

I saw a lot of you were disappointed that the workout on the whiteboard yesterday did not match what was online yesterday.  Good, not because mother nature made us change the workout, but because many of you newer athletes are getting online and actually reading what the workout is and preparing yourself for it and seeing all the information we put out.  With that being said, we have more than one coach.  We have Coach Matt, Coach Chuck, Coach Amy, Coach Tom, Coach Lonnie, and Coach Sam.  You can see pictures of all of them here.  And most of the time, they wear black coaches shirts.  Sometime they don’t though, so if a person who is not lifting with the class comes up and offers advice on a lift, or a movement, they are trying to help you, and give you some real tips, so you should probably take that info, not just brush it off.  Because they probably have performed better, lifted more, won more awards, or studied more about fitness and its application than you have.  If you shun their help, my guess is they will start to offer it less and less, and that is a loss for you.

Sport & Performance

1a.squat 5-5-5-5-5 work to a heavy 5 in 18 min.

1b.max UB strict pullups x 5

2a.every 90 seconds 8-6-4-2 UB power clean (build to a heavy 2)

2b.every 90 seconds 1 arm dumbbell overhead walking lunge x 4

AMRAP in 12 min. of:

-32 double unders

-16 hang cluster #135m #95f

-8 toes to bar


1.squat 5-5-5-5-5 work to a heavy 5 in 18 min.

AMRAP in 12 min. of:

-200m run

-10 push press #135m #95f

-5 toes to bar

post rounds and reps to comments



Any guesses for “C”?




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