Summer Fitness Special

Starting Friday, June 9, 2017 and running until August 9, 2017 (that will be the last day you can sign up for this special) we are running a Summer Fitness Special.  For $150.00 you can get 2 months (60 consecutive days) of unlimited training at Southern Maryland CrossFit.  Anyone who has never had a membership (other than a one week trial) with us can join under this special.


All ages, body shapes, and ability levels working towards better fitness.

If you are looking to take control of your fitness journey this summer under the guidance of our expect coaching staff and get some of the area’s best programming that delivers what everyone wants, real evidence based RESULTS; that being weight or inches lost, and real strength & speed gained; then you need to take advantage of this special before it is gone.  There is no time like the present to grab the fitness you deserve by the horns.


You can lift that weight, it’s just no one ever properly taught and progressed you to do it.

Unlimited training under this special means access to one CrossFit class time per day and access to all three open gym sessions (2:30-4pm M/W/F) per week.

No other discounts are eligible with this special.  Regular rates apply when the special ends.  Current members refer a friend to this special and get 15% off your monthly membership.  

One comment on “Summer Fitness Special

  1. […] Summer Special is ending August 9, 2017.  It will not be offered after we close on Wednesday.  So strike while you have the chance if you […]

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