Individual Supplemental Programming 3.0

Remix.  As always, we must evolve.  We will continue to provide you, our athletes with the best use of your time for what you wish to work on.  As schedules change we are forced to change.  Let’s review things that are staying the same.

First, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  We have tried to maximize our space but if one person is occuping 500 of our 3200 square feet at the busiest times of day, we need to figure some stuff out.  So let’s get a breakdown of who has priority of equipment use during class times in order of rank.

1.those paying for one-on-one personal training

2.those paying for regular CrossFit classes

3.those paying for Supplemental Powerlifting or Weightlifting classes

4.those paying for Individualized Supplemental Programming for Met-con, Weightlifting, or Powerlifting

5.those using Open Gym hours for “randomish” things

6.coaches (including the owners)

Next, also staying the same are the following things:

You must pick one focus, but after that, what YOU want to focus on will be programmed by our coaches specializing in those fields. You also get to pick how much extra work YOU can handle, between 2-4 days. You will get instructional videos on how to do the exercises programmed properly. You will get added to closed Facebook groups to get feedback on certain exercises programmed. This extra work will be programmed to be done in one hour, and you will be able to access the gym for an extra hour to do this programmed work.

The cost of this is $30 per month. Please speak to your coaches if you are interested in this.

Now, what does each focus mean?  Let’s examine each briefly, then in more detail.

Powerlifting: Is weakness your weakness? Do you have comparatively low maxes for the major lifts of squat, bench, and deadlift for your bodyweight? Do you lack the upper body strength to do gymnastics movements such as pullups (strict or kipping), ring dips, or handstand pushups? Do you want to look way more jacked and have lots more lean muscle? Is going overhead a serious weakness of yours?  If you answered yes to several of these questions, then this could be a focus of yours.

You will likely see the major lifts you want to work on, paired with the right assistance exercises to bring up your weaknesses and a steady dose of bodybuilding movements for hypertrophy if you choose this programming.

Weightlifting: Do you lift a very low percentage of your clean and jerk compared to you squat and front squat, or a the same with your snatch compared to your overhead squat?  Do you always ask if you can go from the hang and not the floor?  Do you lift more weight in a power snatch and a power clean than a full snatch or clean?  Does your footwork look like a cross between Bigfoot and a donkey’s child walking through molasses mud?  Does your overhead position look like more like a standing incline bench press than a jerk?  Do you have no clue what happens once the bar leaves the ground other than you pray you catch it?  Is your mobility for the lifts horrendous?  If you answered yes to several of these questions, then this could be a focus of yours.

You will likely see a high amount of technique work based off percentages as well heavy lifting if you choose this programming.  The biggest difference in actual weightlifters and CrossFitters is leg and shoulder strength.  So don’t think you won’t get stronger by choosing this either.

Met-con:  If you want to improve your “Cardio” and you suffer through all workouts longer thank 5 minutes or workouts with more than 25 burpees at a time, this could be the focus for you.  This will be the most boring of the programming that we offer.  We will be working on our aerobic capacity.  You will be running, rowing, or biking 80% of the time if you choose this.  We will program some mixed modality workouts (aka WODs), but you should surely have a new pair of running shoes if you choose this.


How long should I plan on doing this?  

We want you to commit to 3 months at a time.  90 days of work to improve what you want to improve upon, and watch it translate to over to CrossFit or just general health and fitness.

Can I choose 2 or all 3 focus areas to get better at?

No.  Pick one and stick with it for 3 months.  This is in addition to your regular 3-5 days of training that we are progamming for you already.  We already are trying to make you better at all 3, it is called CrossFit and you pay for that already by following the whiteboard under your appropriate level.

Can I take a supplemental class and get individualized programming?

Yes, but if you plan on this let us know so we can adjust the number of individual programmed days.

Can I do powerlifting supplemental classes & weightlifting supplemental classes & additional individualized programming?

No.  You cannot recover from 8 additional hours of all that work.  Your diet is too shitty and you do not sleep enough.

What is NOT staying the same?

The times at which you can do your individual supplemental programming.  You can now ONLY do your individual supplemental programming during our regular listed class times.  Schedules change and there has been too much confusion and too much asking (and some receiving) of “Can I come in during this?”, “Can I stay after that?”, “How early is too early?”.

So we will just eliminate the question.  All of our regular class times, and any Open Gym times are the ONLY time for you to do your extra stuff.  That is it.  If there is a Powerlifting Supplemental CLASS, or a Weightlifting Supplemental CLASS, or any other specialty CLASS or CLINIC those are NOT regular class times, so you CANNOT come in  to do your sheet, even though other humans might be in the gym.  If it is a holiday where we have two or less classes, you guys KNOW that it will be crowded, and you CANNOT do your sheet that day.

6 comments on “Individual Supplemental Programming 3.0

  1. Mark says:

    so what about those who are not doing cross fit but only focused on weightlifting, or power lifting? If my sheet is not supplemental am I still restricted to class times? If so will you consider reducing the price since it is more expensive and also more restrictive?

  2. I have answers.
    1)We have weightlifting and powerlifting ONLY memberships if you do not want to do CrossFit. Check our website for prices there.
    2)Yes, you are restricted to class times. This is NOT Planet Fitness.
    3)No, we are not a used car lot where you can negotiate your prices.
    Are you a member of our gym? If you are not how do you know it is more restrictive?

    • Mark says:

      I am not a member, i am simply looking for a place to train, that is not planet fitness! However it seems that in your hierarchy that those not doing cross fit are more restricted as to the use of the space and equipment as well as times to train. I understand that space and equipment can be limited so limiting those who are not doing cross fit to only train while the cross fit classes are in session, and then only if it is not “too busy” seems very restrictive. And for $155 a month it seems a bit expensive. In addition due to the time restrictions and possible limitation to space and equipment that someone such as myself might not be able to finish my training session during the time allotted if I must give priority use to those in class (which again I understand) but then not being allowed access when it is less busy seems counter productive to me.

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