The CrossFit Games Open and You

We are officially two weeks out from the announcement of the first workout of The CrossFit Games Open.  What does this mean for you and what is it?

What is it in a nutshell:

This is the start of the worldwide proving grounds and data gathering session, in other words THE TEST of CrossFit.  The only way to get to The CrossFit Games is to register for, and participate in, every workout of the CrossFit Games Open.  After you are ranked according to your total reps or your total time from 1 to however many people are in your region.  At the end of the fifth week, the top 20 males, top 20 females, and top 20 teams in each region are invited to come to The CrossFit Games Regionals, which is a combination of two regions.  Also, for masters and teens, the top 200 males and females worldwide compete in an Online Regionals for 20 spots at the CrossFit Games in each division (35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-60, 60+ for masters & 14-15, 16-18 for teens).  From The  CrossFit Games Regionals, 40 men, 40 women, and 40 teams compete for 5 spots from each division to get to The CrossFit Games.

When is it?:

The CrossFit Games Open is five consecutive weeks and 5 workouts.  One workout per week will be announced on Thursday night at 8pm EST, and you will have four consecutive days, until Monday at 8pm EST to submit your workout to the leaderboard.  This will start on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017 and will end on Monday, March 27, 2017.

What it means for you:

Why should you register if you do not feel you are a regionals or games athlete? Simple.  To experience what you are capable of.  To experience the community of CrossFit. To be able to talk shit to your friends who live far away.  To see where you stand in your fitness, and be able to compare where you started, to where you are going.

What it means for our affiliate:

Everyone who signs up from our affiliate will be on our affiliate team.  Our affiliate has put forth a team in the Open every year since the Open’s inception in 2011.  You have the potential to help score for our team on every Open workout.  The top 3 male, and the top 3 female scores give our team (and in turn our affiliate) a rank on the leaderboard.

Our affiliate will be having two bigger community days for you to do the Open workouts each week.

The first day will be Friday nights from 5pm until 7pm.  

The second will be Saturday at 10:30am.

These two days will be when most of you should be trying to do the Open workouts.  Most of you who are not trying to break into the top 300 or higher of the region DO NOT NEED redo’s.  We will also have a make-up day for real life circumstances that may stop you from completing the workouts with the majority of your coaches and classmates. These times will ensure you the best workout environment & atmosphere.

This makeup day will be Monday nights at 5:15pm & 6:15pm.

Those days and times listed above are the BEST times for you to do your Open workouts.  We encourage those who are not competing, including all of our members, to stay, watch, and cheer on your classmates and coaches.  We have had family members come out in support in the past as well.  During these times we will provide you with a judge score your Open workouts.  If you have real life events that prohibit you from using these 5 hours, you will need to let us know by the Wednesday before each week’s announcement when you need to do the workout, followed with a legit reason why.

What you should do:

1.Do not worry that you might not have handstand pushups, muscle ups, double unders, or anything else you can find an excuse for.  Each week has a scaled version of the “Rx” workout that will allow you to still participate, enter a score on the leaderboard, and not necessarily be scaled EVERY week.

2.Go to the games website.

3.Register, it is $20.00. (Look under REGISTER).

4.Pick Southern Maryland CrossFit as your affiliate. (This should autofill as you type it in).

5.Pick Southern Maryland CrossFit as your team.

5.Enjoy 5 weeks of pushing yourself along with creating a positive atmosphere for your classmates.


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