Youth Unlimited Training

We have changed the name of our Student month-to-month Unlimited Training to Youth Unlimited Training.  Why? Because it is for “younger” people who might not be “students.”  This training special is for ANYONE who is age 14-24.


This is for middle school, high school, or college students.  This is also for those students who might not have school ID because they are home schooled.  This is also for recent college graduates who do not yet have a job in the field they were expecting when they graduated.  It is also for those who might be serving in the armed forces.  It is also for those who might have a job or be in a trade school.  Basically, if you are NOT over the age of 25, we know that money can be tight, and that you still want to train.


So, if you are interested in some of the best youth training around, then this is the special for you.  You will learn the basics of barbell training to get stronger.  You will do smart conditioning to get in better shape.  You will have the option to attend as many group classes as you wish to learn in a fitness classroom to set yourself up for healthy habits across a lifetime and get a head start in the high school or college weight room if you are preparing for sports.



This year round special is $65.00 per month.  If you are a parent looking to give your child an advantage in sports, then you want them to be not only stronger, but more resilient to injury.  You also want them to have more body awareness and have increased coordination.  Barbell training will do that for them.

We challenge you to find a better monetary deal where you or your child will find more detailed instruction and better results than here at our facility.  This is strength and conditioning for the youth athlete, not just jumping jacks and side planks.



2 comments on “Youth Unlimited Training

  1. Anthony Lucio says:

    Looking for a challenging strength and conditioning work out for my son hebis an athlete that needs work. We would like to come through and see the facility, as well as pick your brain.
    Looking forward to speaking with your team.

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