An Open Letter Of Thanks

I felt it would have been too cliche to post this at Thanksgiving.  Plus it is owed.  I feel that “Thank you” and “I’m sorry” are the two least used phrases for most adults.  But I also feel they are two of the most important phrases as well.

Thank you gives an honest appreciation of something that someone has done for you.  You are owed nothing in this world (sorry Millennials).  So I want to thank all of you.  Anyone who has ever set foot through our doors.

Thank you for putting your trust in us.  If you stayed longer than a week, or longer than a month, we hope you feel that we made a positive impact on your life, and not just your fitness.  We hope that you gained confidence, and that confidence bled over to your job and to your relationships.

Thank you for letting us teach.  We believe this type is strength and conditioning is the best.  Not that any of the other types are wrong, but that what we do will get increase your fitness the fastest, and is the most sustainable across a lifetime.  We think of what we do as a fitness classroom.  We want to educate, because we are not dumb enough to believe we can train everyone for forever.  We want you to be able to take cues and understand which movements do what, and how to perform them safely and correctly long after you leave us. We want to see you succeed, and if it is not with us, then we want you to still succeed in your fitness journey.

Thank you for letting us live.  This is our job.  Our only job.  This is not a hobby for us.  It is not our part time gig.  This is our life.  For the past 8 years this is our only source of income.  Thank you for putting a roof over our head, and food on our table.  Your lasting trust in our teaching provides our way of life.  So without you, we do not have a roof, we do not have food, we do not have a way of life.

Thank you for letting us apply our passion.  So many people have a job that they have to do.  That they dread.  They loathe how they earn a living.  It is a privilege to get to be able to do what you love, and earn a living doing it.

So, without you, our athletes; we would be passionless, jobless, homeless.  So it is with a deep appreciation for all that you do for us, and all you have done, and all you will do for us, that we sincerely and deeply want to thank you.  Thank you all.

As the holidays approach, we want to remember this is the season of giving, and we want to give thanks to all of you with a toast from our family to yours.

“To blood that’s not family, and to family that’s not blood.”



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