Supplemental Classes

We are adding two specialty classes two better increase your skills.  These classes will start the week of August 4, 2015 and will run concurrent with our strength cycles.  There is an additional fee for these classes, which will be 2x per week.  These two classes are a Supplemental Weightlifting Class and a Supplemental Powerlifting Class.  First, let us go over the differences between the two.

Weightlifting is the contested events of the snatch and clean & jerk.  This class will be skills and drills to better increase your 1 rep maxes of these movements and their power variations (power snatch & power clean).  This class will focus on mobility for these exercises, the myriad of assistance exercises for these two lifts, locking down proper technique, and making lifts.  This class is NOT about maxing out every day.

Powerlifting is the contested events of the squat, bench press, and deadlift.  This class will be geared toward those of you who feel that weakness is your weakness.  Or if you just like looking more jacked this is for you.  If you are wondering, “Am I weak?” then here is chart to show you where you rank.  If you cannot do a strict pullup or a strict ring dip, or if many of your maxes for the lifts above have stalled out, this is probably for you.  This class will focus on assistance exercises for those three big lifts, we will use many tools to improve your technique with the big three as well.

Now that we have the differences out the way, let’s get to the questions you want to know about.  Price first.  Each of the classes is an additional $20 per month.  Times next.  Weightlifting classes will be : 10:15am on Wed. & Thur. and also 6:00pm on Wed. & Thur.  Powerlifting classes will be: Mon. & Fri. at 10:00am and Tue. & Fri. at 5:00pm.  Details last.  We heard your feedback on our first run of Weightlifting only classes.  You just want to be better at Snatch/C&J or Squat/Bench/DL (or everything since you are a CrossFitter.)  So we do not expect you to compete after these classes (though it would be nice).  You can simply get better/stronger at these things.  You DO NOT have to choose between these classes and our regular classes.  These classes are IN ADDITION to your regular volume of training.  What if those class times do not work for you? Do not sign up for the classes.  Last, what happens if you cannot make a time?  You just miss it.  If you cannot come in the morning, come in the evening, if you miss that, you are just shit out of luck.  If you have further questions please post below or ask us.


3 comments on “Supplemental Classes

  1. Check monthly for possible changes to our Supplemental class time changes

  2. […] times for August will be Saturday’s at 8:30am sharp.  For a  brief description of our Supplemental Classes please read here.  Since these are only once a week for now, the cost is […]

  3. […] Today marks the restart of our Powerlifting Supplemental Classes at 8:30am.  This is ONLY for those who signed up for Coach Lonnie’s PL classes this month […]

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