CrossFit Elements Classes

Starting on August 20,2014 we will be adding in CrossFit Elements Classes.  This will be for the beginner interested in starting CrossFit, but who might be intimidated by regular classes.  This will be four sessions, done on back to back days, for two weeks in a row.  The setup will be for the same time, 5pm on all days.  It will be done on Wed(session 1)/Thur (session 2), and Wed (session 3)/Thur (session 4) the following week.

at 63 Bonnie has found age is no excuse

at 63 Bonnie has found age is no excuse

While we have always dialed down the intensity, rep scheme, and weights for beginners, this will allow the new CrossFit athlete to focus more on proper execution of more basic barbell movements, basic bodyweight movements pre-scaled for new athletes, and an introduction to metabolic conditioning.

You don't have to be fit, to start getting fit.

You don’t have to be fit, to start getting fit.

This four session program is not a requirement, it is highly recommended for those looking to try out CrossFit in a less intimidating format coupled with a lowered price.  The price is $50 for these four sessions.  The class sizes are capped at 6 people.  You will be going through these sessions with beginners just like yourself.


After you finish your Elements Classes you are ready to move on to our regular CrossFit classes and continue on your fitness journey towards a healthier, stronger, fitter YOU.

Click here to sign up today!

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