belt up

Much has been written about why to wear a belt by people who know way more than me, so I won’t bore you with all that stuff.  The purpose of a belt is to increase intra-abdominal pressure.  I will say off the bat that if your belt could be turned around and made to look like the belt that the heavyweight champ of the world wears, you better be Ric Flair.  WWWWWHHHOOOOOOOOOOO! Also, dont look like a jackass meathead and wear it for every exercise you do. It is for squats, deadlifts, olympic lifts, and presses. Period.

The point is that if you realize that you can wear a belt and lift more weight with a belt, thus lifting more weight will increase your strength, wouldn’t you want to wear one?  Now, CrossFitters are all about increased performance across broad time and modal domains, but I would say from what I have seen the biggest hole in the average CrossFitter is a lack of strength.  But when you ask most cfers about belts, from my experience they squinch up thier face like someone farted and say “c’mon, thats not functional”.  Anyone wearing ninja rubber shoes shouldn’t say something isn’t functional.  First, as I heard Rip say “Aren’t barbells contrived? I mean if we wanna be functional we should all be nude lifting rocks and anchors and shit.”  Makes sense to me, barells and bumper plates are tools, racks and boxes are tools, weightlifting shoes are tools, belts are tools.  They all serve a purpose to increase our fitness. 

The point is, if you hit a wall on your 1, 3, or 5 RM on squats or deadlifts, do a little research, see if a belt is right for you, and you can blast past that PR, and hell, that 1RM without a belt might soon turn into your work sets on the squat.  Or you could say fuck that belt its not functional and delay your strength progress and thus your overall fitness.  Always a choice.

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